Around this time of year, Hardwood Paroxysm usually does a theme week. This year, as the pool of players who began their careers in the 1990s dwindles, we thought it would be fun to celebrate the entire decade. In typical HP fashion, we will be covering ten years of basketball like a cat chasing a laser pointer. There is nothing comprehensive about our plans, around the HP Network we’re simply digging into the players, teams, and stories from that decade which interest us most. Welcome to #90sWeek.
The inspiration for #90sWeek at Hardwood Paroxysm is the dwindling careers of the last crop of active players who were drafted in that decade. There are just 10 left and just a handful of those will likely wear an NBA uniform next season. With this “Survivors” sub-series, we’re profiling these last active links to an entire, and entirely different, decade of basketball. Most of these players spent the bulk of the careers’ in the 00s, not the 90s, but they symbolize the past and we love the symbolic. Please enjoy.
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